Ten Things You Need To Know About Me

1. I’m a wife and a mom. Prepare to hear about the minutiae of my days. If you are looking for an entertaining blog that will help you escape the minutiae of your own day, keep moving because this will not be for you. But if you like hearing stories about kids and husbands doing sweet, silly and sometimes annoying things, welcome!

2. My rampant overuse of commas leads me to write very long run-on sentences. Also, I’ve been known to end sentences with prepositional phrases. Sue me.

3. I’m a flaming, falling-off-the-end-of-the spectrum liberal and I will make no apologies for it, nor will I even pretend to be unbiased when I discuss politics. I’ll try to be respectful of others’ viewpoints, but sometimes that won’t be possible. Like when they’re being big jerkwads.

4. I’m a pop culture aficionado and there will be various commentary and references to movies, music and tv.

5. I can be snarky sometimes. You know, just a little bit.

6.  I like food. I don’t like how much I weigh. Often I will be complaining about this and occasionally I’ll be trying to work on it.

7. It turns out there are only six things you need to know about me. But I’m leaving the title as is because I feel like six would be kind of random.

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